Our Story


Somewhere between artisan coffee and the science of coffee, Henry Miller set out to establish and focus on the quality and the importance of micro roasting in the antipodes. Originally from the United Kingdom, founder Henry Miller arrived in Australia to seek out innovative ways to further develop scientific methods and principles around coffee that were based on learnings in both the northern and southern hemispheres, hence the name Latitude Coffee.

Henry continues to challenge and change the narrative of coffee roasting in Australia and is totally dedicated to supporting the specialist craft coffee industry. With an already successful base of Café’s along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, Latitude Coffee’s story has just begun, supplying wholesale including private label and customized solutions to clients as well as delivering consistent Latitude Coffee branded coffee to the fast-growing home consumer market Nationwide.


Henry set out in 2018 to set up his roastery in Northlakes Brisbane with only the very best in equipment including Probatone 12kg and 25kg as well as a very rare classic 60kg Barth Menado for larger quantities.

“We do this because we care. Custom, in- house roasting requires a deep understanding of the properties of coffee, an attention to water chemistry and the interaction of various milks including plant based as well as dairy products.”

It is with this sharp eye and attention to detail that Latitude Coffee provides the difference between just serving a cup of coffee and serving a well crafted coffee experience.