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Latitude Coffee

Uganda 'Sipi Falls' Anaerobic

Uganda 'Sipi Falls' Anaerobic

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Roasted for Espresso




The name of this coffee comes from the Sipi Falls - a series of three waterfalls that lie on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park in Eastern Uganda. The areas surrounding the falls are well known for the cultivation of 'Bugisu' Arabica, the most renowned of the Ugandan Arabicas.

Organically certified, this coffee has been grown and harvested as part of the Sipi Falls Coffee Project. The project was first initiated in 1999 and has
grown to incorporate more than 5,000 smallholder producers who tend an area over 2000 hectares in size. Approximately 3.5 million families are
linked both directly and indirectly to coffee through the Sipi Falls Project.






Typica, SL14, SL28


Processing Method

Natural Anaerobic Fermentation


Flavour Notes

Strawberry, Shiraz & Vanilla

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